Hex Thistle

by Breathe Stone



The only rule made for Stone Breath, since the beginning, was to keep it acoustic - or as acoustic as possible. So, when we started recording a set of songs with effects and electric guitars and analog synth modules, we made an album under the name Breathe Stone. There were supposed to be several more, and maybe someday we will Breathe Stone again.


released October 31, 2003

Timothy: acoustic and electric guitars, dulcimer. bouzouki, drones, harmonium, bells, tabla, zills, glasstamboura, banjulcimer, bullfiddle, vocals, ætheric engineering.

RA Campbell: Electric guitar and drones on 5. Aesthetic engineering thrughout. Mastering.

Sarada: additional vocals on 5.

Piano on 5 was sampled from Paul Lewis' CD "Behind Barres Vol. 1." Used with kind permission of the artist.

All words and music by Timothy except "Down in Yon Forest" which is traditional, arr. by Timothy. Recorded in 2002 at Unreal House, Glen Rock PA.



all rights reserved


Stone Breath Red Lion, Pennsylvania

Stone Breath is not new. It is cracked. Broken. Imperfect. Hidden. Weathered by the seasons.

We sing of ghosts and of forgotten paths through forest and fallow field.

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Track Name: A Thread in the Silver Skein
Deeper than the sea,
With silver fish glistening
Like swimming stars
In watery space,
I found her listening.

And when my words were sad,
With silver tears flickering
In candle-shadowed inner space,
I found her listening.

And when my all was said
And she had understood,
We said no more,
But fell away
Into some silver slumber.

There's silver webs upon the mirror.
There's silver strands all in my hair
Where time's waters have cut their way
And her shadows have lined my face.

There's silver strings between your fingers
And silver threads trail in your path.
The Three Sisters have cut away
And put the weave in your own hand.

The silver moonlight yields her secrets.
The silver sarlight yields her words.
Where the mist meets the still water,
She is opened like some arcane tome.
Track Name: Candle, Corpse, and Bell
Water turns to wine.
Wine turns to blood.
Vines grow around us, love,
Tomorrow we'll be gone.

A candle for a corpse.
A bell for the dead.
Light the candle, ring the bell,
The dawn warms our bed.

Bread turns to flesh.
Life turns to death.
The wheel of fortune turns, my love,
The first is now the last.

The tarot has been spread.
The future has been read.
Light the candle, ring the bell,
Tomorrow we'll be dead.
Track Name: Funeral Masque / Funeral Mask
Funeral Masque

Is it dream which wrapped me
In this winding sheet,
Or does this shroud bring eternal sleep?

Strange musics rise like mists.
Stranger singing upon me drifts.

By bow and arrow
Or bow and fiddle,
This song brings with it a riddle:
Am I dancing upon this grave
Or am I dreaming from within?

Funeral Mask

White like a fallen lily,
Cold like frozen beauty,
Darkened eyes both lilting
From behind your funeral mask.

The rain seems not to touch you
As you step so silently.
The slow soft music moves you
Into your funeral dance.

And I stand in shadows,
Watching from afar,
Silent and unnoticed
By you in your funeral mask.

Would you accept the gift
Of orchids pure and rare?
Angel feathers for your hair
To wear in your funeral dance.
Track Name: The Song of the Thrones at the Lantern
The thrones are crying and He feels their tears
Beneath his red mask, upon his cold bier.
Eyes of fire, voices of wind,
Tears of rivers smooth stony skin.

He crossed himself and he hoped to die
Beneath the clouds of God's weeping eye.
Circles of fire, hymns of air,
Spells of water weave earthen prayers.

The thrones are singing their hymns through the fire
And he hears their song upon his pyre.
Sing like the rivers, sing like the rain,
Sing unto God, sing for His pain.

His body's been cleft, the parts have been scattered.
His brother has hid them, bloody and tattered.
Some hid in rivers, some hid in flame,
Some cast to wind or earth just the same.

The thrones are whispering, He hears what they pray.
His skull the lantern which guides their way.
A head of water. A head of air.
A head of stone with fiery hair.