The Hidebehind

by Stone Breath



This is a digital-only, bandcamp exclusive single featuring two songs from the forthcoming Stone Breath album, CRYPTIDS.


released July 10, 2016

Stone Breath, in the dark woods:

AE Hoskin, Rod Goelz, Timothy

vox, bouzouki, jug drum, bass, mandolin, wood flute, glockenspiel, dumbek, bodhran

produced by Caleb Brown and Stone Breath.



all rights reserved


Stone Breath Red Lion, Pennsylvania

Stone Breath is not new. It is cracked. Broken. Imperfect. Hidden. Weathered by the seasons.

We sing of ghosts and of forgotten paths through forest and fallow field.

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Track Name: The Hidebehind
Through the haunted forest,
Beyond the Seventh Gate,
Surrounded by a mist of ghosts
Speaking an ill fate.

"A warning" they cry
"Never look behind!
Never leave the path!
Begone by last light"

Walk and gaze forward;
Woe be to the last in line!
For it takes the bravest heart
To never look behind.

For pacing out of sight;
Peeking from the trees;
The Hidebehind is hunting -
Its prey is you and me.

So hear the spectral warnings
And heed them if you can.
Those taken by The Hidebehind
Are never seen again.
Track Name: Trotterhead
Witch servant of black will,
Begone now and do no ill.
Return no more and roam until
You've counted fencepost on every hill.

Take with thee the nightmare grim,
That you've hid in my bedroom,
All for when the lights grow dim,
To fill my sleeping mind with doom.

With your bad dreams, take your leave
And cross thee every flowing stream.
Never return unto me,
But upon some other breathe.

Get out from stable, out from home.
Closed to you is every door.
Locked to you is each window.
Trotterhead return no more.